By: Jessica Huber

Now is the time to Push through the burn!

You are in the middle of a temporary pain. Trust and Believe that there is a God given Beauty, waiting to be delivered.

Proverbs 4:25
Let your eyes look directly ahead
And let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.

When I was in labor with my son, my contractions were pretty intense. Like a lot of woman, I had previously worked out a plan with my doctor for pain management. It turns out that I waited a little too long to put that plan into action. My body went into GAME ON mode and my mind went into, TIME OUT mode! I could have ripped that bed railing right off! My mind was focused on all the pain of the moment and as if that wasn’t enough, I was also thinking of the pain to come.
It set in, I was going to feel every bit of this birth! That was a scary realization! My support team, from what I remember, they were also consumed with my pain and trying to find the doctor. I heard and felt the sense of helplessness in my husbands voice.

For a moment I was utterly out of my mind and out of control in pain! I then felt a cheek right against my cheek, a firm steady voice of the nurse. She was right there to redirect my focus. “You are doing this, you are going to push through this pain because your baby is just beyond it.”

You can ask any mother out there, and she will tell you the same. Love overrides that pain. As soon as you see that little face, as soon as you hear that cry! Love overrides!
The nurse was my steady, she had dealt with this day in and day out! She knew the amount of firmness to put into her tone, she knew I was physically in need of a grounding.
After all, there was no backing out, no quitting. This nurse was able to guid my thoughts past my pain and straight to the prize.

So this was an actual labor and delivery I’m talking about, I know not everyone has experienced giving birth. I do know that there isn’t a person on this planet who hasn’t experienced some kind of life pain, some kind of life labor. We know that life doesn’t always work out according to our plans. The Next thing you know the intensity of our surrounding situation gets so overbearing so overwhelming that we lose focus. We fix our eyes on the struggle. Emotionally and physically we are distracted and weak. We not only feel the pain of the moment, we let fear talk us into future pains to come.

We all go through labors in life, but one thing we can be certain of is God’s plan.
When we put our trust in Christ no matter how painful a situation, no matter how scary or how ugly life can get, we can trust that there will be a blessing beyond the pain.

That is His promise to us! He works all things for the good of those who love Him. We may end up in a position that we didn’t expect but God is Great, He can take any one situation and use it to create multiple babies!
Beautiful, Full Healthy Babies!

Our God can do that! He can do that because He is an Almighty, Loving, and Merciful God. He is a God of Strength and Peace! He is Steady, Firm and Gentle all at the same time. He knows exactly what we need to get our focus back in the game!
In Him, quitting would be in vain.

When we are out of our minds swirling in the storms of life, do not forget who’s cheek is pressed against yours!
Do not forget who anchors you.
I know it’s rough, I know your tired, but now is the time to refocus, trust and believe, He knows what’s coming next.

Be careful who you reach for as your support, Friends and family may mean well but they may not always give us advice that will point to The Lord and His will. Their emotions can be tied to ours as well as the situation, so Seek Him First!

Whether you’re Laboring through a struggling marriage or a drifting friendship, seek Him First! Whether, you are suffering through a loss of a loved one, or battling an illness, or dealing with financial uncertainties, seek Him First. If it’s addiction or a prodigal child, seek Him, Let Him be your Steady. Know that you are not alone, you are Loved by a God that deals with this stuff day in and day out! Let Him be your steady.

You are going to do this! Push through the burn, it is temporary! Believe that God has a Baby just beyond it!

IMG_3983 Let His Love Override and reach for the prize!

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