Pray for a Pause!

By: Jessica Huber



One day I over heard the kids fighting, My son had said something hateful and hit his sister. I said “that’s it!” ..”get in your room!” I rushed over, eager to lead the way, of course scolding and reprimanding him with every step. When I came back to where my daughter was, she was sitting in the room with the tv paused. I said, “what are you doing?” She said, “well I don’t want him to miss the movie, so I’m pausing it until he’s able to come back out.”
Seriously? I thought .. wow that’s love.
I said, “you don’t have to do that”, but she said, “no I’ll wait.”

It melted my heart.

The ability to hit pause when someone has hurt you, that’s something that we rarely see in most adults. This was purely reflected from Our Father. She was able to rest in the idea that the situation was temporary, but her love for him was not. Even though he was nasty to her, she cared that he really wanted to see that movie. Instead of allowing resentment to grow, she thought about his future feelings. Never mind she completely disregarded her own. I mean that’s pretty selfless.
God sure shows his pure love out of the innocence of his children. I can’t say I would have been as grace filled, heck I would have grabbed my popcorn, sat back and enjoyed that movie in peace!

What if we made a conscious effort to hit pause.
What if we actually Applied God’s Truth to Our Life!
What if we chose to hit pause in the very moment we are wronged. The actions and behavior of others , have absolutely no right to afflict our Godly heart. We can’t let the hurt override the love. What if our trust was in our Father to step in and handle the situation appropriately? What if we rested in that? What if for once, we disregard our feelings and we choose to rise above them.
We have the ability to hit pause and pull from His Beautiful Strength. God’s Holy Presence is always ready and available to help us within that moment..,IF we choose to go in His direction.
If we let our emotions stifle His light, then we are only hampering the very thing that is able to heal and overcome. It’s that same Grace and Love that was once given to us.

My son did have to endure the consequences for his actions that day. The beautiful part was his chance to witness a moment of grace. When he walked out of his room and saw his sister waiting for him. I knew in my heart that he received a lesson that he would be able to carry on with him.

Scripture says, above all love one other Deeply because love covers a multitude of sin. When we allow ourselves to be a vessel, his light projects and exposes the situation for what it is.

Be Still and Let God be your defense.

Two wrongs do not make a right, so counteract the wrong with Christ!

Romans 12:17 says do not pay back evil for evil, instead respect what is right for all men.

Ephesians 5:13
But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.

With man this is impossible, but with God All things are possible.
Even if you have to say this out loud.

IM Hitting Pause!

Then Pray!
Lord you are my defense, you are my justice system. Lord thank for your deliverance!
Lord I ask for the strength to Love this person right Now! Help me to remember that I am living in a temporary attack! Help me to stay open to your counsel! Lord, help me to choose your love over resentment! Help me to rest and Trust that you have this situation in your hands! I receive your peace, help me to hold onto it! In JESUS Name! ❤️️

Pray for a Pause!

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