Teachable Moments

By: Jessica Huber

I love love teachable moments!!!
So recently I was writing about hope and it included the parable of the lost coin.
I found myself referencing this once again, when it became a topic of conversation with my kidos!

My workout group likes to use hip scarfs with little coins on them, they look like the type that belly dancers use. We use them just for fun and to encourage body movement. My daughter likes to dress up and play with them as well. So this morning I found one of the coins on my kitchen counter. Oh I got so excited because it took my mind right to the lost coin mentioned in Luke 15. Both kids were sitting at the island so it was a perfect moment to bring it up to them!
I said, “hey did you know? “Back in the day, instead of a woman receiving a wedding ring, she would receive coins? ” “Check it out!”
A lawful Jewish marriage requires an act of kinyan (that the bride be given – and that she accept – something of nominal value from the groom). In ancient times, coins were typically given. (They are still used by many Sephardic and Oriental Jews).

I gave the kids a little bit of history and I told them the parable of the lost coin. This woman most likely searched for that coin because it was of personal value not just because it was monetary. It was precious to her. It was like loosing a promise.
I told them that Jesus told this story because we are like the coins to Him, the Angels rejoice when a sinners repents and turns to the Lord. We are precious to him and his promise of salvation stands true. When we are not walking with The Lord we can be considered spiritually lost, but just like the woman searches for her coin, The Lord pursues us. He calls and when we hear his voice, we realize that the direction we are walking in, is not good for us. Its not His way, we might even feel remorse or regret. In that moment we have a choice to keep going the wrong way or we can turn back to Him. Remember the Lord searches our heart so He knows if we are sincere. The moment we whole heartedly turn to him, that is repentance.

We talked about that weird word repent. I demonstrated by walking towards the wall and then turning and walking in the opposite direction. “That’s repent… to turn. ”
And Here is where I knew they got it!
I just happened to be facing the refrigerator, (not intentionally) when I turned back. My son said, “oh repenting is like turning to food.” “There was nothing over there for you to eat when you were walking with the devil..just the wall, but when you turn to JESUS it’s like your turning to food!” Oh man I swore I could hear angels! Hallelujah yes yes!!! That’s exactly what repentance is like! When we are walking with the devil there is no food, lack of nourishment, literally a DEAD END and when we turn to JESUS we are eternally Filled!!! Walking In His glorious Light Wahoo! A LIFE with no end! JESUS the Bread of Life! God is so good!!! Amazing Grace how sweet the sound! I once was ________ but now I’m __________.

Psalm 139:1
O LORD, You have searched me and known me.

The Lord is Abundant in His teachings! Anywhere Anytime!

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Deuteronomy 11:19
“You shall teach them to your sons, talking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up.

Dear Lord your timing is always perfect, I pray that my spiritual ears and eyes will be alert and open to your guidance within my everyday surroundings.
Lord thank you for my children, they are a blessing and a gift and I want to handle them with care. I know that it is my job to make sure they hear your word. Scripture says to teach them and show them the way and they will not turn from it. I know that it will eventually come down to their choice whether they have a relationship with you or not. It is my hope to give them a good start, so that when the day comes for them to hear your voice, they will turn to you and follow.
I ask that you bless them and keep them In The Precious Name of JESUS.

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