Love = Hope, Healing & Life

By: Jessica Huber



Where are you today? How are you holding up? I know your tired of trying. Heck, I know you’re just about done with trying.

Are you having a hard time with letting resentment go, maybe it’s just gone on so long that you wouldn’t even know where to start. Maybe you’re not sure you even want it to be fixed at this point. Does it even matter anymore? You’ve been hurt and disappointed one too many times. The pain is overwhelming and too much to bear.

Today I want you to Rest In The Love that God has given you. I want you to wrap yourself within His Security. You are Cherished, you are Cared For and you are Not Alone. No matter what, you have a God who is for you and believe me He knows. He knows ALL sides of the situation!

Today I don’t want you to hold onto your strength. I want you to Lean on His!
I don’t want you to try.
I want you to surrender.

You have nothing left, that’s ok!
I don’t want you to give what you have , I want you to Give all that is His!
He Has Plenty for the both of you!!

The love of Christ is Enough for You And the person on the other side of this situation.

1 John 4:19
We Love because He first Loved Us.

Don’t let this struggle let you forget that!

God gave You His Love When you didn’t deserve it, in this case it might be a good time to ask, am I letting this hurt withhold God’s given Love?
Am I withholding love because I am hurting? Am I holding back because I feel this person is undeserving?
Words were spoken and they can’t be taken back. This is true but the words that we choose from this point on can Bring Life.
Please Know, That Releasing Love is exactly what Will Breathe the Life back to this relationship.
God’s Love IS the very thing that will Heal the hurt, but you Have to Release IT!
This Love does not belong to you, It IS GOD’s LOVE! It’s meant to be consumed and absorbed, never to be withheld.

Let a little Heaven touch this earth and
give His Plan a chance to work. Let His strength steady you, let His Joy Rise within, Let His Forgiveness rein in your body. Let His Love overcome!!
Let His WILL be done. Let the fight continue on …HIS terms not your own.

There is Power in a Forgiving Heart, There is Healing within a New Start.
I know you are tired, I know you’re  limitations are being taunted with ways of escape, an easy way out!
I challenge you to Ask God to stretch your Faith.
I challenge you to look through God’s eyes, far beyond the boundaries, far beyond what you THINK you can handle.

So you’re done trying, ok good, finally!
Give up! Give it to God! Give this to the one who knows NO limitations of Love,
Hang in there, this fight is not over!

Take One moment at a time, but within these moments let’s choose to BUILD instead of breakdown!
Let’s choose to INJECT LIFE into the situation instead of Burying it Alive!

Turn to The Lord for your peace and calm, go to His word for wisdom, and take it as Truth! Believe it! It’s not always going to line up with how you’re feeling, let truth override those feelings. Apply it, Let it be His Action that takes place, not the action that your flesh desires.
So Go ahead, Give Up! Give IT to God!
Let it be His Holy Presence, His Mighty Power, that surrounds and takes Charge of your Life today!

Love = Hope, Healing, and Life

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord,

I am struggling today. I’m hurting and I need you. Help me to lean on you, help me to receive your peace and calm. Lord please remind me of your presence in my relationships. Help me to turn to you when I am tempted to lash out. Release your love and override my pain. Most of all Lord Help me to reflect your love even when I am hurting. Thank you for never leaving me and for always loving me.
In Jesus Name I pray amen.

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